Learn how one horticulture supplier solved the problem of dependable printing on RFID trackers

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As technology advances, so does the challenges. This was true for an automation company that we worked with to help solve the problem of dependable performance on new technology tracking – radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices. Tracking and security were essential for its end-user – an horticulture supply chain company, especially in this new and rapidly developing industry.

The Problem

If RFID tracking becomes unreadable, this could pose severe complications for businesses in the horticulture industry. RFID tracking plays a crucial role in smart inventory management, enabling real-time visibility and accuracy in tracking. If these become unreadable, it could lead to significant logistical hurdles and inventory mismanagement, potentially causing financial losses due to misplaced or unaccounted products, not to mention possible illegal activity. Non-compliant items due to unreadability could result in regulatory penalties or even business shutdowns, impacting profitability. Brands also use RFID tracking to validate product authenticity and maintain their market position. Loss of readability could damage their reputation, weaken consumer trust, and diminish brand value.

The RFID tracker could become unreadable somewhere along the supply chain by water or packaging becoming damaged. Another issue is that a company or person along the way might not have the technology to read the chip.  Thermal Transfer printing is the backup to the RFID tracker, but because of logistic and environmental challenges, this too needs to be durable and reliable throughout the journey.

The Solution

ARMOR-IIMAK’s AXR product line of resin ribbons for thermal transfer applications provides the performance that is needed when tracking and dependability are required. In this case, AXR7+ was the perfect product for performance and price point. Six months of testing went into the project to make sure all the parts lined up – including printer settings and label substrate in all locations.

If you are looking for dependability and high-quality printing performance look to the AXR product line to determine which product is best for your RFID label needs.

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