How is AWR 8 used for vehicle interior labeling ?


The company TPGTEX Label Solutions located in Texas sells its products to vehicle servicing centres, including a ready-to-use label printing solution which serves as a reminder for the next oil change.

The challenge

The label is affixed to the interior surface of the windscreen, clearly visible to the driver. But such a location poses a hazard to the printed matter which is almost constantly exposed to UV; some inks fade away in this environment, with the information rapidly becoming illegible.

The solution

TPGTEX Label Solutions has chosen the inkanto AWR 8 Wax ribbon for its ease of use, print quality and UV resistance.

The AWR®8 is compatible with a wide range of labels made of rough or smooth paper with a mat or gloss finish.

On the blue scale, which measures the resistance of a pigment to the sun’s rays on a scale of 1 to 8, the AWR 8 – like the other ARMOR-IIMAK black ribbons – obtains a rating of >7, guaranteeing excellent print durability.

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