How AXR7+ helps during the COVID-19 crisis


 At the end of January 2020, when Wuhan (China) was the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak, one high profile hospital in southern China took the responsibility to produce the nucleic acid reagent for COVID-19 tests and sent it to Wuhan.

The challenge

This was an urgent need that required stable quality and consistent supply. 

The solution

ARMOR-IIMAK met these challenges, proposing AXR 7+ ribbon as the most adapted solution regarding printing quality, stability, and delivery time. ARMOR-IIMAK China treated this reseller customer order as its top priority to ensure the fastest lead-time during this early phase of the health crisis.
In 2020, ARMOR-IIMAK sold 130 000sqm of AXR 7+ resin ribbon for the marking of COVID-19 tests.
ARMOR-IIMAK and its Business Partner has gained the end-user’s trust through this project and may be asked to take part in their future initiatives.

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