End-to-End legibility: How AXR 7+ and AWR 1 steer Automotive labeling from assembly to arrival ?

As of 2023, India holds the position as the world’s third-largest automobile market, boasting a sales value exceeding US$100 billion. Over 27 well-known automotive manufacturers import, source, and locally assemble their automotive components. The printed labels on these components play a crucial role in ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain, providing vital information about part numbers, installation, and proper usage in the production line. Each vehicle requires labels on every component, resulting in automotive manufacturers and suppliers producing a substantial volume of labels daily. Reliable and durable Thermal Transfer solution acts as one of the most critical subjects to address in this highly regulated industry.

In addition, increased visibility regarding product information requested by consumers from production, distribution, and point-of-sales, leads to a higher labelling requirement and strict compliance labelling standard for manufacturers to follow.

The challenge

One of the world’s biggest automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is looking for a reliable Thermal Transfer solution and a local distributor to fulfill their brake pump and brake booster labelling application to ensure front-to-back traceability of the product.

The following are the requests listed by the manufacturer to our local distributor in India:

  1. Substrate compliance – Print crisp and dark imaging on synthetic labels
  2. A labelling solution for short-term traceability within the production line.
  3. 2D Barcode compatible – Data matrix / GS1 compatible
  4. High durability – long-lasting and fully traceable product information marking throughout the lifecycle.
  5. Withstand specific temperatures – high-speed production line, hot temperature working environment.
  6. High smudge and solvent (brake fluid) resistance
  7. Applicable with their modified printers and scanner
  8. Short lead-time

The solution

After conducting multiple printing studies and understanding the end-user requirement, our Thermal Transfer experts and local distributor were presented with the opportunity to introduce them our resin Thermal Transfer ribbon – AXR 7+, and competitive Wax, AWR 1, resulting in 5 production lines were replaced with inkanto® ribbon.

How does AXR7+ excel in this application?

  1. AXR7+ highlighted unparalleled strength and resilience. The inherent characteristics of AXR 7+ positioned it as the perfect match for their stringent labeling requirements.
  2. AXR 7+ performed high smudge resistance on Synthetic label.
  3. All Thermal Transfer ribbons manufactured by ARMOR-IIMAK are 100% ready for 2D Barcode labelling needs.
  4. Using AXR7+ for marking ensures that each decoding of the Data matrix code is validated throughout the production cycle, assuring accurate decoding during vehicle assembly line. The reason behind this is because part of the information encoded in the Data matrix code is linked to the Vehicle Chassis number (VIN) for effective traceability of each component.
  5. AXR7+ satisfies the strict requirement for solvent resistance in Thermal Transfer marking, ensuring that the markings on component labels remain durable for the entire life cycle of the vehicle.
  6. The information printed on the label with AXR7+ displays clear, dark, and crisp print quality such as supplier logo, part number, part code, supplier code, performance data reading, and issuance information for assembly.
On-site printing studies
Label printed using axr 7+
Label printed using axr 7+

Why did AWR1 perform well?

  1. Competitive price for short-term component labelling within the production line.
  2. Display dark and sharp imaging on Matt White paper.

Why ARMOR-IIMAK and our partner?

Apart from tackling challenges and fulfilling their requirements, ARMOR-IIMAK and our local distributor also emphasized the following:

  1. Consistent supply and shorter lead time thanks to the two facilities across India.
  2. Local slitting facilities and warehouse ensure the consistency of the product delivered to our partner.
  3. Dedication in ensuring an excellent quality-to-price ratio, affirming our commitment to deliver quality products that not only meet high standards but also deliver superior value.

The dedicated efforts of our local distributor and thermal transfer experts over the past three months have resulted in a major order for AXR 7+ and AWR 1.

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