Outdoor Equipment Labels

The labelling of outdoor equipment must be of a very high quality. The labels and the information on them must withstand harsh conditions. This includes outdoor leisure textile-based products such as: Bags, Tents, Chairs, Sleeping bags, and more.

  • Durability
  • Legibility
  • Print on all types of media

Labeling outdoor equipments

These types of equipment are often exposed to rain and snow, moisture, UV rays from the sun, extreme temperatures, and harsh operating conditions. Crucially, product information labels on such devices are highly resistant to mechanical and environmental influences.
The durability of labels is critical for consumer information, education, and safety, as these labels often contain safety warnings and other important information about the device. Without clear labels, consumers could abuse the device, injure themselves/others, or damage property. For example, for equipment such as a tent or a deckchair, it is essential to be able to consult the instructions for folding and dismantling the equipment.


According to the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission), most textile and wool products have textile labeling requirements. The following information must appear on the garment label:

  • Product composition
  • Country of origin
  • Care symbols
  • Identity of the manufacturing company

In Europe, the textile labeling regulation is applied to all textile products sold on the EU market. The requirements may differ from those of the FTC regulation, e.g., “countries” are not mandatory to be handled on cloth labels in the EU. However, these regulations are strict, and the contents of textile labels must be relevant to help the consumer purchase and remain legible throughout the textile product’s life cycle.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this application ?

Thermal transfer technology for outdoor equipement labels

Thermal transfer is a print technology that is particularly well suited for printing outdoor equipment labels. The process can be used to print logos, symbols, barcodes, and alphanumeric characters on all types of print media (paper and synthetics) while offering excellent durability.

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